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So you didn't plan for a global health emergency? #Same

Safe to say a pandemic was not a part of anyone’s wedding plans for 2020 – but here we are. Unfortunately for impacted couples everywhere, postponing and modifying wedding plans due to the COVID-19 outbreak is not an option but a critical step in keeping loved ones safe. While I cannot say I have experienced anything remotely close to what we are facing, I did want to share a few of my *thoughts/opinions on how couples can approach these newfound challenges with a level head and open heart.


Boss Up

Thats right! Nothing is more important than the health and safety of you, your guests and vendors. With this social responsibility mindset, The COVID-19 virus did not hijack your wedding day plans, but rather, like a BOSS you are stepping up, making tough decisions, and are doing what is necessary to keep yourself and others safe. Celebrations are meant to be joyous! Trust that your guests will be much better suited to live in the moment and celebrate when everyone feels secure!


Patience Over Fear

When face to face with a challenge, it is nearly impossible to not feel desperate for an immediate solution. Slow down! Practice patience and avoid making rash decisions out of fear of the unknown. Your vendors are your allies, they will help you identify your options and are your greatest resource. Have your vendor agreements handy and a list of questions prepared for your calls. Our emotions can easily derail any productive conversation, so be diligent and stay on track. Now is the time to make most of your conversations while you have your vendors time and attention!


The Bright Side of Social Media (yes really)

Ah finally, social media used to communicate relevant and useful information! Your social media accounts are the best platform to quickly inform your guests that a change of wedding plans is on the horizon. It is OK to give your friends and family a heads up even if you do not have the exact details nailed down. This will allow guests to cancel reservations and flights hopefully before any cancelation penalties are incurred. Revisit those engagement photos you were torn between and put them back to work! Get creative with Instagram Stories and Facebook posts! Be sure your post includes a link to your wedding website and a note for guests to keep an eye out for additional updates. Friends and family will appreciate you keeping them informed (and safe). Everyone is bored at home, hopefully this will minimize how many individual calls/texts you receive while still working through changes.


Reach Out!

Over the past few days I have been blown away by the outpour of guidance and dedication my fellow event professionals have provided to impacted couples everywhere – not just to their clients! We may be in the midst of practicing social distancing but you are most certainly not alone! Please reach out to us with your questions! Collaboration and compassion are at the heart of what we do – we are conditioned for the unexpected and are more than willing to share our experience!

*Content represents personal thoughts and opinions and cannot be considered legal advice.

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