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Four budget friendly ways to add some EXTRA extravagance to your wedding day

If there is one day where it is OK to be a little extra – it would be your wedding day. So what tips the scale from a normal wedding to a standout from the crowd wedding? I personally believe it’s the little details that layer upon one another that gives a wedding its own unique character and richness. It’s not the monetary value of the little details themselves, but the cleverness/quaintness of them that can up the ante when it comes to standing out. Here are a few budget friendly ways to add a little extra wow factor to your special day.

Infused Water Welcome Stations

A pop of color, thoughtfulness, and oh so-refreshing. Drink stations are a great addition to any wedding ceremony and/or reception. They are totally multi purposed and easy to plan for! An infused water station can give an otherwise empty-awkward space a purpose, provide comfort to guests on those high temp days, and even alleviate bar lines. No matter the season there are tons of infused water recipes- you can stay with the classics or be as creative as you want! Explore different pitcher styles and heights and you have an aesthetically pleasing and purposeful display.

Do Play With your Food Menu Cards

You have spent 40 + hours on Pinterest this year (I won’t tell your boss) and you are convinced you need to spend mega money in order to dress up your guest tables. This is where I tell you – FALSE! I adore all things wedding stationary – especially menu cards. There are so many different paper types, printing options, shapes, and color choices! Paired with the right napkin fold, a menu card can change the entire vibe of a place setting. You can take it a step further by adding a sprig of fresh greenery like sage or a delicate pressed flower.

Specialty Linens

You are savvy and booked a venue that provides linens that you are happy to use! Sounds like a win to me! If you find yourself in this situation I encourage you to inquire about renting a handful of specialty linens with your venue contact or local linen vendors. The following tables are the ones most likely to end up on Instagram AND in your wedding album. Here are the tables I suggest you plan for:

1. Sweetheart Table / Head Table

2. Cake Table

3. Place Card Table

4. Gift Table

5. Memorial Table

Don’t Just Pick A Seat

Where there are guests there will be seating – and as your guest count continues to grow so will your seating needs. This could mean hundreds of chairs in the event space you are using, completely out numbering any form of décor in your space! There is a beautiful balance that can be achieved in a space when we move away from uniformity. With plenty of elegant chair styles in the market today – you do not need to stick to one style. If you aren’t feeling super adventurous stick to a classic Chiavari style chair for the bulk of your seating and save an alternate style for a few select tables like your sweetheart or head table!

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